Dubai Hotels: New underwater luxury accommodation

By Brian

dubai-hotelsDubai boasts of some of the most innovative and extravagant architecture today. Now it adds to its list of extraordinary offerings the Underwater Discus Hotel. It looks very space-age and can be go as deep as 10 meters underwater.

Deep Ocean Technology, a Polish company, designed the hotel. The structure is basically divided into two parts, with one portion constantly above the water’s surface.

The other submersible half of the Discus houses 21 rooms, a bar, and a diving facility. From their rooms, guests can actually see the different creatures enjoying their natural underwater environment. You can see wildlife and beautiful coral reef right when you wake up or creatures passing by your windows as you relax in your bedroom.

The designers also made use of special lighting around the hotel rooms plus there are underwater vehicles that can help guests take a closer look of the different sea creatures, even the smallest ones thru macro photography.

Of course, luxury amenities are in place for the hotel guests. Provisions for comfort and great food ensures a pleasurable experience.

The Discus Underwater Hotel in Dubai is perfect for anyone who’s looking for a luxurious but kind of wacky experience.

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