Dubai Hotels: New underwater luxury accommodation

dubai-hotelsDubai boasts of some of the most innovative and extravagant architecture today. Now it adds to its list of extraordinary offerings the Underwater Discus Hotel. It looks very space-age and can be go as deep as 10 meters underwater.

Deep Ocean Technology, a Polish company, designed the hotel. The structure is basically divided into two parts, with one portion constantly above the water’s surface.

The other submersible half of the Discus houses 21 rooms, a bar, and a diving facility. From their rooms, guests can actually see the different creatures enjoying their natural underwater environment. You can see wildlife and beautiful coral reef right when you wake up or creatures passing by your windows as you relax in your bedroom.

The designers also made use of special lighting around the hotel rooms plus there are underwater vehicles that can help guests take a closer look of the different sea creatures, even the smallest ones thru macro photography.

Of course, luxury amenities are in place for the hotel guests. Provisions for comfort and great food ensures a pleasurable experience.

The Discus Underwater Hotel in Dubai is perfect for anyone who’s looking for a luxurious but kind of wacky experience.

Sotheby’s offers tasting tour to Krug cellars in France

KrugThe start of December also means Sotheby’s is putting on auction the biggest collection of precious Krug champagne. Aside from putting on sale bottles from cellars of the famous and most sought after brand, Sotheby is also offering two excursions to the cellar of Maison Krug in France, plus a private tasting of its vintages.

One of the package will include a limo ride from Paris to the cellars of Krug in the region of Reims. The tour will be followed by a luxurious lunch at the Michelin starred restaurant of at L’Assiette Champenoise.

The sumptuous lunch is followed by the tasting of the Krug vintages to be conducted by the Chef de Caves of Krug’s, Eric Lebel, or Olivier Krug, the family scion, himself. The tasting will involve very rare vintages of the label coming the the 1960s, ’70s, ’80s, and 90s. There will also be the Grande Cuvee, Vintage 2000, and the Clos du Mesnil.

After all the vintage champagne tasting, your limousine will bring you back to the hotel so you can rest at your wonderful suite before heading back to Paris.

The bidding for such an experience will start at $5,000 but who knows what constellation it can reach.

The other priced experience will take the lucky bidder to a lunch at the Krug vineyard along with a tasting tour of the Clos d’Ambonnay and Krug Clos du Mesnil vineyards and a visit to the Maison Krug. The highest bidder will also have a dinner with Krug winemakers and a hotel suite at the L’Assiette Champenoise. This trip starts at $5,000 too.

To put things in perspective, a case of Krug Clos de Menil may go as high as $30,000.

Luxury Travel : The essential French Riviera

Cote D’Azur, or more familiar to us as the French Riviera, is a long stretch of coastline on the southeastern corner of France and the Mediterranean Sea. It really has no starting point or a definite end so roughly it can be from the Italian border from the east to various locations on the opposite side.. Flights can bring you to luxurious destinatons such as Saint-Tropez, Sainte-Maxime, Cannes, Nice, and Monaco.

Luxury travel destination

Without a doubt, the French Riviera follows an aristocratic pedigree. It has been the health resorts of the well to do British families back in the 18th century. It has also been the playground of the royalties in the early 19th century. Writers, painters, and wild, wealthy people from the Americas and Europe flocked here for a holiday starting in the 20th century.

Places to explore

The French Riviera has a good number of travel destinations to offer the can afford and the curious. If you head to Nice, you should include in your must-see the Parc du Chateau from where you can see the Old Town and the Bay of Angels. If you want to see some masterpieces by the likes of Monet or Rodin, head to the Musee des Beaux-Arts. There are also a lot of Gothic artchitectural samples here including the cathedrals in Saint Raphael and Frejus.


The choices of chic nightclubs are endless if you are looking for some music, dancing, and patying through the night. The hottest DJ’s flock to this corner of the globe to entertain the rich and the famous. Gaining entry to one of these top French Riviera clubs will not be a problem as long as you look glamorous enough. If you are in Cannes, try the Palais Club where you get to hear the best of electronic music and enjoy the ambiance at its rooftop lounge.

Luxury Villa: Casa Colina in Mexico

mexicoIf you are looking for a private villa in Mexico, you are guaranteed a nice luxury getaway at Casa Colina located in Isla Navida. The villa has a similar latitude with Jamaica and Hawaii so holidaymakers are guaranteed of warm weather almost all year round. The hottest months are between July and August. Afternoon showers though are common to occur in the afternoons.

The villa has six guestrooms and is perfect for family vacations or small groups. Each of the room in this very private destination is decorated individually. The rooms give guests an excellent view of the mountains or of the ocean.

Its Sueno Suite has a Jacuzzi where you can relax your tired body and private garden where you can enjoy quiet afternoons. The Oceano Suite has a balcony and a big bed where you can lounge while enjoying the breeze.

The Casa Colina also offers the Laguna Suite that has an outdoor shower and a Jacuzzi tub. It also has loungers and breakfast table.

The villa is built to ensure a luxury getaway. They have an infinity pool with a great view of the surrounding lands and waters. The villa also gives access to a fitness center and spa for its guests.

Make sure you spend some time at its Top of the World Palapa. This spot offers a 250-degree view of the sky, sea, and mountains. It is a nice place to enjoy a great meal or host a get together with family or friends.

The island also offers a good line of activities for those who love the outdoor. You can go around the beaches, try water skiing, fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, or kayaking. You can also ask them to arrange yacht cruises, a round of golf, or horseback riding. There is also the Colima Volcano considered as among the most active volcanoes of Mexico.

5 Tips when designing a real luxury kitchen

If you are a homeowner who loves to cook and prepare food, you might want to have a very nice luxury kitchen with all the storage and amenities you need. If you are designing, building, or remodeling a luxury kitchen here are some suggestions you may want to consider:

Know the difference between cabinets with overlay door and insert door

The higher end option for a luxury kitchen are framed cabinets with inset doors while the more common cabinets seen on the market are the ones with overlay doors. A lot of homeowners are not familiar with the difference.

Get a high-end refrigeration unit

A lot of luxury homeowners want to conceal the refrigerator behind cabinet panels to look just like an armoire or a luxury furniture.

Conceal counter top appliances

High end kitchens do not allow the possibility of clutter. You may want to ask your designer to have space so you can conceal appliances like toasters, coffee makers, and blenders. You can have a walk in pantry or have a big cabinet with pocket doors with internal tops which may have electric outlets. So concealment comes well with easy access.

Mixed counter top materials

Luxury kitchens will have a good amount of space so counter tops just using a single slab of granite or marble will look cold. You can use the best stone you want for the counters on the side while using a good wood for the island. This approach breaks the coldness of the area.

Do not use stainless panel for your dishwasher

Designers will agree that the dishwasher is not a pretty item in the kitchen so if even if you want all appliances to have that stainless steel touch, the dishwasher will not get any value out of it. The better approach will be to get a dishwasher which is fully integrated.

Luxury sofas: Classy style and hefty tag prices

Polished-steel-sofaI was looking for a sofa for my new place when I bumped into these luxury sofas on the internet. Not exactly that I want to purchase them (Since they cost a fortune, a big fortune!), but they look really good and will fit my living room. But my bank account is just refusing to agree.

Philippe Nigro’s Confluences

I guess these sofas by Philippe Nigro are perfect for couples or families with kids. The colorful sofas are eye candies and snug fit together.

Bubble Sofa by Versace

This one looks unique, quirky, and really comfy. We have here the colorful version but Versace Home can customize the piece if you want it done in leather or fabric.

Steel Sofa

This is a set of steel sofa polished so it will have a reflection like that of a mirror. It looks like a sofa and art rolled into one. This is a famous and pricey work of designer Ron Arad that had a whopping tag price of $300,000.

Agent Provocateur with a new Milan Boutique

Got this on my facebook wall just a few minutes ago:

Our new boutique launched Saturday 26th March in La Rinascente, Milan. Featuring our exclusive couture collection Soiree, the boutique will also house our main fashion, Classics, Bridal and Beauty collections.

Being a fashion freak and an Agent Provocateur fan, that’s just awesome news to me. I’ll be heading to Milan next year for Fashion week, and I can guarantee you I’ll be visiting the AP-store… :)

Agent Provocateur Milan
Agent Provocateur Milan Store Detail

Red-Hot Diamond — It’s Here For Auction!

red-hot-diamond-sothebys-1_ead8r_65Believe it or not, this particular ring – this one right here is actually going to be up for auction later this month.  It is one of those rings that you do not see any longer and it is one ring that for sure is rare and definitely worth a heck of a lot of money.

Sotheby’s Australia’s newest auction that is selling off quite a few of the best antiques and unique jewelry pieces is going to have this particular ring on sale as well in Australia’s very public auction.

The purplish color of the center diamond mixed with the lighter colors on the sides and the colorless diamonds is one mixture you are not going to want to miss!